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Dr. John J. Palmer - Palmer Distinctive Dentistry

Today was my big day in the dentist's chair. All of you made me feel good about being there; and I could tell that you really knew what you were doing! Thank you all for the easiest day at the dentist that I have ever had. ? (oh, and for giving me back my smile!)

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Dr. Palmer speaks of mercury free dentistry

Dentist Greenville SC - Dr Palmer on Mercury Free Dentistry

Why your periodontist will use ozone when providing care in our Greenville SC practice

Those who are familiar with holistic forms of healthcare may have a good idea of what ozone is - and what it can do. For patients who visit a holistic dentist because they are frightened of what they now know about amalgam fillings may be surprised to learn that ozone is used by some dentists in the States for the treatment of a variety of oral conditions. In fact, you can learn much from dentist about the use of ozone in the periodontal treatment provided in our Greenville SC practice.

Ozone is often related to pollution, as well as to the environment - think of the hole in the ozone layer around the earth. Think of the telltale aromatic scent after a fresh rain. Think of the recommendation to avoid exercise when ozone levels are high and you might mistake this powerhouse-healing agent for a pollutant. In fact, the only way the ozone is related to environmental pollution is that this natural element goes into action in an effort to clean our air, water, and bodies.

Ozone, while somewhat new in the field of dentistry (and limited to holistic dentists), is used far and wide in various industries, acting as a fungicide, pesticide, and anti-bacterial. Administered properly to the human body, ozone has been shown to be an effective treatment for more than forty diseases we commonly see today. Still, medicinal use is more common in Europe than in the U.S.

Holistic dentists who have witnessed the health-giving effects of ozone first-hand may make regular use of this element in a number of applications, some of which include:
  • Administering direct ozone gas to a tooth with a custom-fitted tray as a preventative measure against decay.
  • Preventative ozone therapy to the gums to avoid periodontal disease.
  • Application on an affected tooth via ozonated water, followed by treatment with ozone gas may prevent the need for root canal therapy or tooth extraction.
  • Treating a tooth or area before restorative treatment such as dental implants creates a healthier oral environment.
  • Supplying oral rinse with ozonated water for the treatment of gum conditions, oral abscess, or ulcerations, or simply as a healthier irrigation process.
  • Application directly into the temporomandibular joint as a holistic approach to treatment, alleviating inflammation through the destruction of harmful microbes.
More than a layer around the earth, ozone is a naturally occurring substance that can lead to better oral health. Contact us for a holistic dental experience.
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