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Phone: (864) 332-4113
Toll Free: (844) 326-4420
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 7am-2pm
Monday-Friday (phones answered until 6)
134 Milestone Way, Greenville, SC 29615

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Dr. John Palmer Reviews

Dr. John J. Palmer - Palmer Distinctive Dentistry
Rating: 5 Review Stars

Today was my big day in the dentist's chair. All of you made me feel good about being there; and I could tell that you really knew what you were doing! Thank you all for the easiest day at the dentist that I have ever had. ? (oh, and for giving me back my smile!)

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Residents ask, "What are the benefits to seeing a holistic dentist near me in Greenville, SC?"

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Benefits to Seeing a Holistic Dentist
When searching for a "dentist near to me", you want someone you can trust, someone who treats you as an individual. Greenville, SC residents have found that dentist in Dr. John Palmer and Dr. Daniel Knause of Palmer Distinctive Dentistry. Dr. Palmer and Dr. Knause offer holistic dentistry services for all your general and cosmetic needs.

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry, also known as biocompatible or biological dentistry, focuses on the whole patient, not just the oral cavity. Holistic dentists understand that the health of the mouth impacts the rest of the body. These dentists consider every treatment, technique, and medication used and their effects on the human body to ensure the health and safety of the patient.

Personalized care

At Palmer Distinctive Dentistry, we are committed to personalized care, treating each patient as an individual. Our patients' health is important to us.
  • We understand that the bacteria and toxins that damage the oral cavity can lead to problems for the whole body. The mouth is the portal to the body. What comes in affects the entire individual.
  • We utilize treatments and medications that are biocompatible so they are healthy and accepted by the human body. Biocompatible materials are less likely to cause adverse or allergic reactions.
  • Our dental team takes the time to educate our patients on the appropriate care of the oral cavity and how to adjust lifestyles accordingly to promote healthy mouths and bodies.

If you are searching for a dentist you can trust who is focused on your overall health, contact Palmer Distinctive Dentistry. Dr. Palmer has earned fellowship with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), Dr. Knause is an accredited member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicoloty(IAOMT), and both are highly qualified to offer holistic dental care. Palmer Distinctive Dentistry proudly offers safe, biocompatible services for your general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry needs. Make your appointment today. (864) 332-4113

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