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Phone: (864) 332-4113
Toll Free: (844) 326-4420
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 7am-2pm
Monday-Friday (phones answered until 6)
134 Milestone Way, Greenville, SC 29615

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Dr. John Palmer Reviews

Dr. John J. Palmer - Palmer Distinctive Dentistry
Rating: 5 Dentist Greenville SC - Review Stars

Today was my big day in the dentist's chair. All of you made me feel good about being there; and I could tell that you really knew what you were doing! Thank you all for the easiest day at the dentist that I have ever had. ? (oh, and for giving me back my smile!)

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Relaxation/Sedation Dentistry

If the mere thought of visiting a dentist strikes fear in your heart, you aren't alone. Approximately 145 million Americans suffer from dental fear, often preventing them from receiving much needed care. Sedation dentistry takes the fear out of visiting the dentist!

Dr. Palmer on Sedation Dentistry
You can remain completely relaxed and comfortable throughout your visit at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry. We understand how you feel. If you are ashamed of your smile, suffering from toothaches, or unable to enjoy your favorite foods, we are here to change that, with compassion, exceptional dentistry, and safe, soothing sedation.

Sedation dentistry is also called sleep dentistry. Although you won't be technically unconscious, you will be unaware of the dental procedure. Most patients have little, if any, memory of the appointment, feeling as if they simply took a relaxing nap. There is no stress, no fear, and no discomfort. Because you have no concept of the passage of time, we can do more dental work in a single visit.

We use Triazolam, a prescription oral sedative similar to Valium. It is extremely safe, typically with no side effects. As a safety precaution, we do require that you have transportation home and refrain from driving until the sedative has completely worn off.

Sedation is available for any procedure. Don't let fear stand between you and your beautiful, healthy smile! Some patients choose to be sedated only for extensive work, or procedures such as root canals (which are quite comfortable, but often feared). High-fear patients may wish to be sedated during routine appointments such as teeth cleaning or whitening.

Your first appointment is a consultation, and we do not proceed with any treatment plan, until you are confident and comfortable with your decision. You will never be told you "should" or "shouldn't" choose sedation. Likewise, you will never be pressured into dental work you don't want. We offer options, and discuss them with you, explaining everything clearly, and answering your questions, so that you can make an informed decision.

Many patients choose sedation only for the first few visits to our office. After experiencing the level of caring compassion, and gentle dentistry that we provide, the apprehension naturally melts away. Call (864) 332-4113 and schedule a consultation today, because you deserve a beautiful, healthy, anxiety-free smile.
NuCalm - Experience Total Relaxation

Experience total relaxation during your appointment

We are always seeking the best way to provide greater comfort, relaxation and happiness during your time with us. That’s why we’re proud to introduce NuCalm® as an option during your appointment. It’s an all-natural, non-narcotic relaxation technology that will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and stress-free without drugs or side effects. We choose to use NuCalm because when you are completely relaxed it allows us to do our very best dentistry.

Ask us about using NuCalm® at your next visit!

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We are pleased to offer IV sedation and general anesthesia performed by Dr. Elliot Haybarger

Oral Sedation Dentist Greenville SC - Dr. Elliot Haybarger
Dr. Elliot Haybarger
Dr. Haybarger attended Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine. As he completed training to earn his DMD degree, he noted a clear observation in a large number of patients: local anesthesia alone was not enough to enable them to receive dental work. Many patients go years without seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear. Seeing an obvious need, Dr. Haybarger completed three years of post-doctoral residency with a focus on Dental Anesthesiology.

His training, a collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the University's School of Dental Medicine, formally covered areas including General and Pediatric Anesthesia for both medical and dental care, Obstetric Anesthesia, Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine and Cardiology. During his residency, his passion for working with children and special needs patients developed.

Dr. Haybarger is the founder of Carolina Dental Anesthesia, located in South Carolina. From his home base, he provides outstanding care. A large portion of his practice is children and those with special needs. Additionally, he is a preferred provider for adults with dental phobias and anxiety.

We appreciate Dr. Haybarger's dedication to safe, effective sedation. His dedication has increased the availability of quality dental care to a wider patient population.

Dr. Haybarger and Palmer Distinctive Dentistry are here to provide a comfortable, relaxed environment while your beautiful smile is created and maintained.

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