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Holistic dentist in Greenville explains the benefits of non-metal zirconia implants

More people are familiar with the benefits of dental implants. They are considered the gold standard in tooth replacement, because implants are designed like a natural tooth – built from the root up. In fact, the implant functions like a tooth root that stabilizes the crown or part of the tooth above the gumline. A rebuilt tooth that mimics a natural tooth promotes lifelike function, appearance, and feel. Unlike conventional dentures or bridges that aren’t rooted in the jaw like natural teeth, implant-supported teeth also promote bone density and health. This is important, because there are many devastating cosmetic and functional consequences associated with bone loss.

dentist explains the benefits of non-metal zirconia implants

Many dentists generally place implants made from titanium metal. As a holistic dental practice, Palmer Distinctive Dentistry believes there is a better way. Your trusted dentist in Greenville explains the benefits of zirconia implants.

What is zirconia?

Zirconia is a high-performance ceramic. Dental ceramics have been used in cosmetic dentistry circles for decades due to their beautiful aesthetic properties. Research has also shown that they possess superior bending strength and hardness. You’re not sacrificing strength and durability for beauty. You can have both qualities.

Zirconia’s reputation as a resilient material has resulted in its being the go-to material for everything from industrial cutting tools to auto and aviation industries (as it holds up so well in stressed environments). It’s also attractive in medical circles due to both its durability and its biocompatibility. As a holistic practice, Palmer Distinctive Dentistry uses only biocompatible dental materials that enhance health rather than those that pose undue risks to the body due to potential toxicity, or allergic reactions. It’s this property that has also resulted in zirconia being a mainstay of prosthetic medicine (such as hip replacements).

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As a biocompatible material, its track record of successfully fusing to bone is well-documented. This feature is critical to the success of dental implants. For dental implants placed in the jawbone to function as they’re designed, they must fuse with the surrounding bone. It’s this fusion or osseointegration process that creates the bone-to-implant contact that stabilizes your new tooth or crown. Without this stable anchor in the jawbone, implant-supported teeth would face many of the same challenges associated with conventional tooth replacement that isn’t rooted in the jaw. For instance, ill-fitting dentures that rely on suction, adhesives, or creams tend to slip and don’t provide the stimulation from the act of chewing or biting that keeps supportive bone strong. Over time, bone starts to shrink. This process causes chewing or speaking challenges to become worse and alters the appearance of the face. The lower portion of the face can appear collapsed, sunken, and generally aged.

The benefits of zirconia dental implants don’t stop there.

What is zirconia - Dentist in Greenville

  • Titanium alloys aren’t suitable for every guest. Some guests have sensitivities or allergies to metals. Ceramics eliminate these risks.
  • Dental ceramics don’t corrode as metals do. In turn, the tissues around your implant and at the gumline remain healthy and are better preserved than those tissues that surround metal implants.
  • Zirconia is a more sustainable alternative to titanium, because plaque tends to accumulate more rapidly around metals. While it’s true that restorations don’t decay the way natural teeth do, implants are not immune to gum disease-like inflammation. Periimplantitis is a key source of implant failure. Minimizing the development of plaque helps to ensure the success and long life of your implant-supported tooth.

Palmer Distinctive Dentistry uses a zirconia implant system called Z-Look3. These implants not only replicate a natural and healthy tooth in function, but in form; they are white rather than gray. Your smile retains its beauty. You don’t notice a dark shadow or discoloration at the gumline over time, due to thin or receding gums.

Our dental team also uses advanced technologies when planning and placing your dental implants. These technologies minimize complications that can result in implant failures. You aren’t referred to an expensive specialist for the actual placement of your implant. Dr. John Palmer is trained and experienced with successfully placing implants and uses 3-dimensional scanning and 3D Cone Beam imaging to plan your implant treatment and to precisely identify bone density and other anatomical features that can affect the implantation process.

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Dr. Debra G. Adams received her Bachelor of Science from Huntingdon College in Montgomery, AL, and worked as a dental assistant, before graduating from dental school at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Dr Adams is SMART certified through the IAOMT and is dedicated to giving our guests the best treatment possible.