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Dentist Greenville SC - Five Star Reviews
Five star review from Google
Palmer distinctive dentistry was the best experience I've ever had at a dentist. They treat you with respect and everyone is very courteous. Pricing is reasonable and the work I had done was quick and painless. Although the time the doctor spent explaining all the options was priceless.

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Comparing traditional braces to Invisalign in Greenville, SC

Comparing Traditional Braces To Invisalign/Clear

Every person deserves to feel the highest degree of confidence in his or her smile. As this is one of the first features that we notice about one another upon meeting, it is clear that the appearance of the smile has a lot to do with the first impression we are able to make. When teeth are crowded and overlapping, or crooked and spaced too far apart, one may feel uncomfortable and apprehensive to show his or her smile to others. With Invisalign treatment from our Greenville SC practice, you can achieve your goals for a beautifully healthy smile.


In many areas, traditional orthodontics is still widely used. In fact, there are scenarios where this option may be best suited to correct significant misalignment where bite is severely impacted. The issues that come with metal brackets and wires may keep some from seeking orthodontic care altogether. Metal brackets have sharp edges, which can irritate or cut the tissue of the cheek. To alleviate discomfort, wax must be placed over the bracket to hide sharpness.


Perhaps even more than the irritation that may come from traditional braces, it is the appearance of metal in the smile that often leads folks to avoid treatment. Going a step further, more and more patients desire metal-free alternatives to all sorts of dental treatments in order to avoid any exposure to harmful substances. It is in keeping with this philosophy that we provide Invisalign treatment.


On all fronts, Invisalign cosmetic orthodontics does look like a more appealing option for straightening teeth. Metal is traded for BPA-free plastic aligner trays that are comfortable and very discreet. Results are typically possible in about 12 months, and come without the complication of discomfort.


The aligner trays contained in Invisalign treatment, performed often in our Greenville, SC practice, are strong while remaining lightweight. Quite beneficial is the fact that aligners are removable, something not possible with traditional orthodontics. Removing trays allows patients to eat normally, and adequately perform oral hygiene practices without inhibition.


Comparing traditional braces to Invisalign, there are clear benefits to both and treatment is based on the specific needs of each patient. Because of the immense flexibility Invisalign has to correct bite issues such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, and even midline shift, many patients can experience significant improvement with this option. To determine if Invisalign is right for you, contact us for your orthodontic consultation.

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