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Palmer distinctive dentistry was the best experience I've ever had at a dentist. They treat you with respect and everyone is very courteous. Pricing is reasonable and the work I had done was quick and painless. Although the time the doctor spent explaining all the options was priceless.

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Oxygen therapy from your holistic dentist in Greenville, SC leads to improved oral health

Ozone Therapy from holistic dentist Dr. Palmer in Greenville SC

We may tend to think of our smiles as an aesthetic facial feature, but the smile really is associated with our overall level of health. Regular dental care is important to the maintenance of oral health. Oral health is important as it really does dictate, to some extent, our quality of life. When imbalance occurs in the mouth, the entire body is affected. Likewise, the body is affected by the techniques and materials dentists use to prevent and repair teeth.
Dr. Palmer has extensive training in the area of holistic dental care. Our team understands that the mouth is a portal through which the body is affected. We hold to a high standard of care that is minimally invasive and biomimetic. This means that the care we provide mimics nature as closely as possible. What better way is there to promote oral health than with powerful natural substances like ozone?
Ozone is a substance that many people associate with pollution. In fact, scientists measure the level of pollution via ozone levels. The reason for this is not that ozone itself is polluted, but that this substance binds to pollutants, being natures built in filter.
Used in dentistry, ozone is extremely safe and highly effective at producing outstanding results. Made when medical-grade pure oxygen is passed through a specialized machine that generates a corona discharge, ozone can be used in gas or liquid form for the treatment of dental problems such as cavities, sensitivity, and periodontal disease. The benefit of ozone is that this negatively charged substance naturally seeks to neutralize those things with a positive charge. Positively charged elements in the body include parasites, free radicals, cancer cells, viruses, and bacteria. These bad cells attract ozone particles, which neutralize, or destroy, these unprotected cells on contact. Good cells contain an enzyme on their surface that resists the oxygenation of ozone. What this means is that healthy tissues in the mouth are unaffected by ozone water, oil, or gas, while diseased tissues are better repaired because the damaging cells are destroyed.
The treatment for gum disease has been greatly improved as dentists have discovered the power of ozone. Many of the existing conventional treatments, such as root planing and scaling, are ineffective at handling the damage caused by relentless oral bacteria. The reason is that bacteria may still be present after such treatment. By incorporating ozone into gum disease treatment, conventional therapies are able to produce the desired effect. Root planning and scaling, for example, can begin with an ozonated water oral rinse. Pockets around affected teeth may then be treated with ozone gas, which is quickly absorbed into damaged tissues for the destruction of disease-causing bacteria.
Gaining the upper hand against gum disease is not tricky for the holistic dentist who understands the power of nature. Dr. Palmer has helped many people experience better oral health through innovative holistic care. We can help you, too.
Contact our office today for holistic dental care.
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Palmer Distinctive Dentistry

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John J. Palmer, DMD
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Debra G. Adams, DMD

At Palmer Distinctive Dentistry, we believe that oral health and overall wellness are linked. This is our focus when attending to our guests’ dental needs. Giving beautiful, healthy smiles to the residents of Greenville, SC is our goal.

Heading our team is Founder Dr. John J. Palmer, a Medical University of South Carolina School of Dentistry graduate. A dedicated holistic dentist and pioneer in advanced dentistry, he incorporates the latest technologies and IAOMT-certified methods and stays abreast of modern developments in biological dentistry.

Dr. Debra G. Adams received her Bachelor of Science from Huntingdon College in Montgomery, AL, and worked as a dental assistant, before graduating from dental school at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Dr Adams is SMART certified through the IAOMT and is dedicated to giving our guests the best treatment possible.