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Dentist Greenville SC - Five Star Reviews
Five star review from Google
Palmer distinctive dentistry was the best experience I've ever had at a dentist. They treat you with respect and everyone is very courteous. Pricing is reasonable and the work I had done was quick and painless. Although the time the doctor spent explaining all the options was priceless.

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Improving the smile with porcelain veneers from your Greenville dentist

Smiling is something we have a natural inclination to do. This act is not only good for our personal interactions, but it is actually good for our health! Smiling frequently has been shown to relieve stress, boost immunity, and lower blood pressure. Not to mention, smiling also brightens someone’s day.


Cosmetic dentistry, even in the holistic practice, is an important part of providing a high standard of care. Various cosmetic treatments can liven up the smile, but few provide quick, dramatic results like porcelain veneers. In our Greenville practice, veneers are one of the most requested cosmetic treatments by discerning patients.


Porcelain veneers are popular for several reasons. First, they provide immediate gratification of cosmetic goals, especially when used as a part of a smile makeover. Veneers can effectively cover resistant stains, such as those caused by tetracycline. They can bring all teeth into a nice line, correcting unevenness, and can even correct mild misalignment, such as when a tooth is turned. In just two office visits, your smile can be free of gaps, chips, cracks, and stains.


Dental veneers come in different forms. Some are bonded directly to the teeth, a process that may be suitable for minor chip repair. Veneers may also be fabricated from a material such as composite resin. At Palmer Distinctive Dentistry, we look at the whole body, and consider how dental materials will affect your health and your appearance. We choose to work with porcelain due to the fact that this material could be used side by side with natural enamel and no one would be able to tell the difference. Porcelain shines, is stain resistant, and is translucent, just like your natural teeth.


It takes only two convenient office visits to complete the process of porcelain veneers. First, we will prepare the tooth or teeth by taking off a small amount of surface enamel. This will allow the veneer to lie flush. We will then take an impression, which will guide the veneer-making process in the dental laboratory. In about two weeks, the final product is ready to be evaluated on teeth, and bonded into place for a long-lasting, strong, beautiful smile.


The look of your teeth affects your wellbeing. Palmer Distinctive Dentistry considers this when working to improve your smile.


Contact us for your cosmetic consultation today.


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