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Dentist Greenville SC - Five Star Reviews
Five star review from Google
Palmer distinctive dentistry was the best experience I've ever had at a dentist. They treat you with respect and everyone is very courteous. Pricing is reasonable and the work I had done was quick and painless. Although the time the doctor spent explaining all the options was priceless.

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Why patients in Greenville, SC would want Zirconia implants vs. titanium implants

Dental implant technology has revolutionized the way dentists approach tooth replacement. Decades ago, patients who were missing teeth could opt for dentures or dental bridges. These methods do restore appearance and the ability to chew and they are still widely used today; however, they don’t address what happens under the gum line in the absence of a tooth root. Without the root structure, the bone tissue can deteriorate, which can cause remaining teeth to shift out of place and be lost.


Dental implants are artificial replacement tooth roots that can properly restore stimulation of the bone tissue and provide stability and longevity for a dental prosthetic. The posts are inserted in the bone tissue where they are left to heal over the course of several months. This healing process, called osseointegration, allows the implant time to fuse with the bone and become part of the mouth’s natural support structure for teeth.


When dental implants first appeared on the scene, they were primarily made of titanium. This material seemed like the obvious choice because titanium is widely known as a strong material and is often used in common orthopedic applications.


However, over the years, reports of sensitivities to titanium have become known. The release of metal ions in the mouth can lead to an increased risk of allergies, inflammation, and even certain autoimmune diseases. In several studies, titanium implants have been linked to health issues such as depression, neurological problems, joint pain, and chronic fatigue.


Palmer Distinctive Dentistry is a metal-free practice that uses only zirconia dental implants. Zirconia is a ceramic material, which means it is biocompatible, non-corrosive, and non-allergenic. In addition, these ceramic implants eliminate the metal that is often visible along the gum line with titanium implants.


When choosing a dental practitioner, it is important to inquire about the materials they utilize. If you are looking for quality, holistic care that is free of metals, call our team today to schedule a consultation. We are happy to discuss additional benefits of zirconia vs. titanium implants and can help you restore your smile beautifully and naturally.


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