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Dr. Palmer joins lawmakers, scientists in speaking out against mercury in dentistry

In this video you’ll hear from lawmakers, environmental and occupational health scientists, and even our very own Dr. Palmer about the dangers of amalgam fillings. You’ll also see how you are not alone. Many of the patients featured in this video were told that their chronic fatigue, vision disturbances, impaired immunity, and a whole list of other problems were all “in their head.” As you’ll see, a very real medical reason is at the root of these symptoms: mercury poisoning.
- Is mercury toxic?

- Elemental mercury is toxic.

- Silver amalgam fillings, does it contain mercury?

- It does.

- Almost up to 50%?

- Yes.

- Mercury is a toxic substance.

- A lot of us have dental amalgams that contain mercury. Anywhere from 4-19 micrograms of mercury per day can leach out of your amalgams into your body.

- A single filling delivers micrograms of mercury which in mercury terms is a lot.

- Mercury is vaporizing from the amalgams and you have 80% of absorption through the lungs. This is a fairly dangerous scenario.

- When dentists go to dental school, they are taught that mixed dental amalgam is completely unearthed.

- They taught us nothing about protecting the staff from the dangers of mercury vapor.

- The amount of mercury vapor that is released from amalgam restorations is so minute.

- And so when a dentist goes in and grinds out dental filling, he is creating tremendous quantities of mercury particulate.

- They are dental drills — it runs at about 400,000 rpm and it sends a shower of micron-sized and sub-micron-sized particles everywhere. It's 10s of 1000s of parts per million.

- I have never seen levels of mercury this high. That's pretty much unheard of in any type of work environment.

- When a woman is pregnant, we hope that she's never exposed to mercury vapor as we know that it can pass the placenta and cause neurological problems in the unborn baby.

- Everyone working around hazardous chemicals and other toxic substances has a right to know of possible dangers and how to protect themselves.

- When patients see us dressed like this, there is no way they could believe that mercury is safe in their mouth.

- If you are exposed to mercury, we start seeing much more serious health effects, and these health effects would be:

- Chronic fatigue

- Double vision

- Couldn't sleep

- Depression

- Panic attacks

- Memory loss

- Lowered immune system

- Loss of vision

- Chronic headaches

- It brought an immediate problem in some individuals and a very long-term problem in others.

- I started having neurological symptoms.

- I didn't feel like a human being.

- In the deepest part of myself, I thought I was dying.

- People think you're crazy and you are not crazy, you have mercury poisoning.

- They’ll evacuate a public building for a broken thermometer, but each one of your mercury amalgam fillings has about the same amount of mercury.

- The toxin that can do the effect… You have it placed within inches of your brain.

- They have never done any safety studies on this product.

- Why is it that the ADA will not tell the public that mercury amalgam is harmful?

- Frankly, the American Dental Association welcomes new looks at all of the dental restorative materials.

- The American people have been overtly lied to by the American Dental Association and the dental branch of the Food and Drug Administration.

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