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See the lengths Dr. Palmer’s team goes to keep you safe from mercury exposure

Dr. Palmer explains why he’s in a hazmat suit. You’ll feel much better about the removal of your mercury-containing fillings after hearing about the protective measures he and his team take to minimize your exposure to this toxic element during the procedure. As you’ll see, the garb, suction, supplements, and other products all act as barriers against the mercury that gets sprayed everywhere as tiny little particles and vapors.

You may be wondering why I'm dressed in a hazmat suit standing in my office. I really want to demonstrate to you what we do to protect patients when we’re removing mercury fillings. Mercury is a toxin, it's hazardous and when we cut on it to take it out, it sprays everywhere. So, basically what we want to do is provide barriers for breathing, for your clothes, for our office, to clean the area of the office so that we don't have a contaminated office and you don't get contaminated as we take this out. So, my team and I, we’ll be wearing these suits. I'll have this respiratory mask on to make me sound like Darth Vader. I'll have my hood up. I’ll have a pair of gloves on. So, my team and myself, we will be protected. But more importantly, you could care less really about us being protected, we want to protect you. So, let's talk about some barrier protection.

We'll have a barrier that we'll place over your mouth so that we can only see the tooth or the teeth we are working on. So, this blocks mercury particles and most of the vapor. And we'll also add a coat, a sulfur-containing compound which will help. We will smear this all over this and it will help absorb particles and decrease the amount of vapor that will go through this material. This material is a vinyl material and blocks it pretty well but this takes care of the rest of it. We'll also place a special suction tip over your teeth. We also have this large suction arm very close to you, pulling air out of the office. It’s got charcoal filters that trap the mercury. And the patients, you'll have this mask over your nose, so that you will be breathing oxygen and not the room air. So, we have some supplements that we use afterward. We use some Vitamin C mixed with some N-acetyl Cysteine that binds up mercury. So, we rinse your mouth up real good with this after we finish. So, any microscopic particles that we cannot even see, we’re going to try and attract with this and rinse out so that you don't swallow any mercury or breathe in vapor while we’re working on you. Thanks for your time and if you have any other questions, please contact my office, we'll be glad to help you.

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