Today, I'll talk to you about dealing with anxiety or fear of going to the dentist and what we can do to help you reduce that fear or anxiety. First thing we have are noise canceling headphones. You can use these to listen to music or watch a movie and block out all the whiny noises that we make while we are fixing your teeth. If you need a little more help than that, we have other choices. We have nitrous oxide. You breathe it through your nose, it's a gas and what it does is increase the Nitrogen in your blood and basically makes you feel like you had a couple of beers. So, it reduces your anxiety and makes you braver.

A more natural approach we have is to use an all-natural substance called NuCalm. NuCalm is a big white pill and you chew up three of these. They are neurotransmitters that reduce the level of anxiety producers in the brain. We also use some pads that go behind your ears to use micro-stimulation that also helps to reduce the anxiety producers in the brain, and we use dark glasses or sleep masks. You actually get into a meditative state or the first stages of sleep and it really helps you relax and get through the dental procedure. I really like this stuff, it's all natural. You don't have to have anybody drive you to the office or take you home. If you feel like you need a little bit more than that, we do have a drug that we use. A little blue pill, it’s called Triazolam. It's a sleep pill. It will put you in various stages of sleep through the procedure and it will give you an amnesiac effect where you won't remember certain parts of the procedure. You do have to have somebody bring you to the office and take you home. You are not allowed to drive a car for 24 hours. So, there are different levels of sedation that we can use to help you through your dental treatment. I hope that will help everybody get through that fear and remember, don't be ashamed that you are afraid of the dentist. Don't be guilty about it. It's not your fault. Discuss it with us and we will be able to help you through that. So, if you need more information, our website is and our phone number is 864-879-6494. Thank you.