KöR-DayTM Whitening Instructions

Hi, I am Dr. Rod Kurthy, the developer of the KöR Whitening System. In the next few minutes, I'll go over all the information you need to know to get the maximum results from your KöR whitening experience.

First, it is important to keep your KöR whitening gels in the refrigerator whenever possible. If you are traveling when whitening, keep your gels with you. Do not allow your whitening gels to remain in a hot car or other hot area. Each whitening gel syringe has only 5 ml of gel. So, you are allowed to carry them on a plane. When you arrive at your destination, leave the syringes in an air conditioned room. If you have access to a refrigerator, that's even better.

To get started, brush your teeth and then apply your KöR teeth Desensitizer. The first time you wear your KöR whitening trays, apply the desensitizer before you whiten and after you whiten. After the first time whitening, you only need to apply desensitizer after wearing your whitening trays each time. Prior to applying the KöR Desensitizer, you should wash your hands thoroughly. Take one of these swabs and the squeeze-bottle of desensitizer from your whitening kit and add drops of desensitizer to the swab until the swab is fully wet. Set the swab down on the counter with the wet cotton tip extending off the edge of the counter. To apply KöR Desensitizer, insert a finger deeply under your cheek and another finger deeply under your upper lip in one corner of your mouth and firmly pull your cheek and lip as far away from your teeth as possible. Notice how the cheek and lip have been pulled far away from the molars and the front teeth. This is very important. With your other hand, quickly dry the teeth with a cloth or paper towel while you continue holding your lip and cheek far away from your teeth and then pick up the swab. Starting on your front teeth, firmly scrub the sides of your teeth with extra emphasis next to the gum line. You do not need to apply desensitizer to your second molars which are usually the teeth farthest back in your mouth. Also rub the swab into the biting edges of your front teeth. Next, add one more drop of desensitizer to the same swab and apply to another corner of your mouth such as your lower right teeth. Follow the same procedure of adding one additional drop, drying the teeth and applying the desensitizer to another corner of your mouth, until desensitizer has been applied to all teeth and then rinse your mouth gently with water.

Properly filling the whitening trays is critical to achieving maximum whitening results because it ensures a proper seal of the whitening trays. Begin placing whitening gel in the upper tray. Please notice how much gel is placed in each tooth area. Do not apply gel to the second molar area which is normally the last tooth. Start applying whitening gel in the first molar. Only place gel in the outer sides of the whitening tray as you see here. The larger the tooth, the more gel you'll place. Notice that you only put a relatively small amount of gel in each tooth. Continue placing the gel into the tooth areas until you reach the first molar on the other side. And of course, fill the lower whitening tray in the same manner. Insert the trays over your teeth and be sure to push the tray all the way over the teeth. The thick gel has pushed the sides of the tray away from the sides of the teeth a little. It is very important that you very gently push the tray back against the teeth until the edges of the tray contact the teeth next to the gum line. You should see just a little excess gel has squeezed out of the edge of the tray as the trays are gently pushed back against the teeth. If you see any excessive amount of gel, the trays have been overfilled. Adjust accordingly the next time you whiten. On the other hand, if you see no gel has squeezed out, place more gel the next time you whiten. Wipe the slight excess gel off with a paper towel or just your finger. And of course, use the same process when inserting the lower whitening tray. Wear your whitening trays for the full length of time instructed by your dentist. After you remove your whitening trays, rinse your mouth thoroughly. Next, clean your whitening trays with cool tap water using a Q-tip in a rotating motion as shown in the video. Avoid using warm or hot water as it could affect the fit of your trays. Do not use the swabs included in your whitening kit for this purpose. And then shake the excess water off the trays. After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your trays, place them back in your traycase. However, if you will be whitening again within the next 12 hours, do not close the case. You want to be sure the trays are fully dry before the next use. Then, brush your teeth and apply KöR Desensitizer as demonstrated previously. Getting exceptional whitening results depends upon closely following your dentist's instructions and the KöR whitening at-home protocol you just watched.

Whitening every day as your dentist instructed is the key to obtaining the very best results. During the at-home whitening process, avoid staining foods when you can. Foods to reduce or avoid would be any food or beverage that would badly stain a white shirt. Always handle your whitening trays with care, and make sure to keep your whitening trays out of reach of small children and pets, especially dogs who love to chew on whitening trays. When you are completely finished with your whitening treatments, and you want to store your trays in the case, be very careful how you place the whitening trays in your case. First, place your upper tray in the case like you see here. Do not place them sideways like this as it may permanently deform the trays. Then, turn the lower tray over and place it into the upper tray as you see here.

To enjoy a lifetime of white teeth while still being able to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages, discuss an ongoing maintenance program with your dentist. You may resume a normal diet and still maintain the whiteness of your teeth by wearing your whitening trays at home periodically as your dentist suggests. If you have any questions or concerns, just give your dentist a call. I'm sure you are going to be thrilled with your KöR whitening results. Thanks for watching.