Hi Jose. Today, we are going to be taking out some of your black fillings that are 50 percent mercury. And so, as we’re taking all that stuff out, it’s going to go everywhere. It’s going to get on your clothes, when you’re breathing in, as we make an aerosol with our drill. So, I want to explain how we prevent you from sucking all that mercury up, breathing them in, getting it all over your clothes and taking it home with you and how we keep this office free of mercury so we’re safe to work with you.

As you see, I’m wearing a suit. In a minute, I’m going to have a full mask on, a hood, and I will be completely covered up. I’m going to look like I’m going to Mars so, after that, I won’t be able to talk to you so much. So, the first thing we have is this machine sitting behind you. It is a tact air ionizer and it creates ionic charges that picks up dust particles and heavy metal particles, and they are attracted to that plate on the wall over there and as long as the machine is on, they stick to that plate. The other thing we do for the room is we have this thing in the corner that’s a whole-room air cleaner and it’s got a HEPA filter and UV lights. What you don’t see there is an activated charcoal filter that captures the mercury vapor so it doesn’t come out the bottom and we’ve tested it. We know that what goes in is a high volume and what goes out comes out zero. Now, while we’re actually working on you, we’ll sneak this big tube up close to your face and it’s an auxiliary suction that does the same thing as that. It’s also got activated charcoal filters in it that capture the mercury particles, the bigger particles and the vapor that we try to pull away from our working zone around your mouth.

We’re going to cover you up with the same kind of material I have on. We’re going to put a hood over your head, and you’re also going to have this polyvinyl dam which doesn’t allow vapor to go through. Your teeth are going to poke up through here and you’re going to breathe through your nose through an oxygen mask. And, that way you’re going to be very, very protected and have as limited exposure as possible. We’ll also put another suction under this dam so that any vapor that gets through will hopefully be pulled out. Alright, let’s get you washed up. I’ll put this HgX (Mercury X) cream on my hands so, under my gloves it helps protect exposure for me. Our assistant and I will use this, and we’ll put our gear on and we’ll be right there.

- Alright, we’re done! How was that?

- You know, it’s comforting to get all that stuff out of your mouth and even though I’m still numbed up, just to know that I’m safe and protected is very reassuring. Thanks!

- You’re welcome, thank you.