In 1991, the World Health Organization acknowledged that the predominant source of human exposure to mercury is from your fillings. That should be of concern to anyone - all mercury silver fillings leak substantial amounts of mercury constantly. The amount increases with any kind of stimulation and as a result, mercury from fillings produces the majority of human exposure to mercury. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology is extremely concerned about the anecdotal claims of safety by manufacturers and dental trade associations. There is varying scientific evidence to the contrary. The precautionary principle requires action once the possibility of harm exists.

What you are seeing is mercury vapor coming off a 25-year old silver amalgam filling in an extracted tooth. The background is a phosphorescent screen - the mercury vapor absorbs the fluorescent light, and you can see it as a shadow on the screen. This is mercury coming off a filling that was dipped in water that's the same temperature as the human body. This is a filling that was rubbed with a pencil eraser for just a few seconds, like going to the hygienist and having your teeth cleaned. These are not small amounts of mercury. If you can see it, it's more than one thousand times higher than the Environmental Protection Agency will allow for the air that we breathe. What about the last time you went to the dentist and they drilled on your teeth? Here is the mercury vapor every time you raise the temperature to 110 degrees, with hot coffee, warm water, or even chewed on. Mercury comes off fillings everytime you stimulate them and that stimulation causes the mercury to continue to leak out of the fillings for an hour and a half at a minimum. Some people grind their teeth, some people chew gum.

The dentist might send an old gold crown to the dental lab to be welded. How about the dental personnel? They are not being given informed consent. Back in 1985, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology set off to determine the amount of mercury that was coming off fillings, and here is the graph showing substantial quantities of mercury that were measured coming off fillings. And then we estimated the total dose, began animal experiments and put radioactive fillings in sheep. Mercury accumulated in the jaw, stomach, liver and the kidney of the sheep in just 30 days. Substantial quantities of mercury from the fillings spread to every organ in that sheep's body. Then, we measured that the sheep's kidneys dropped in their ability by 60% to clear inulin, an indication of kidney malfunction. Whole-body imaging of monkeys found exactly the same thing. Proponents of amalgam fillings claimed that sheep chew too much. Well, what's the problem with monkeys? They had mercury in their jaw, kidneys, liver, intestine and heart. And further research found these trophic bacteria that were antibiotic-resistant cropped up in the intestines within two weeks of receiving these mercury-leaking fillings.

Further studies have found damage to the ADP-Ribosilation of brain neuron proteins. In response to the controversy and at the request of the federation of experimental scientists and biologists, Drs. Loscheider and Vimy wrote an editorial - the first ever in FASEB that point by point refuted the claims of the amalgam proponents. That should be of concern to anyone wanting to have healthy children because mercury is highly damaging to fetuses. Experiments in sheep showed that mercury from the sheep's fillings transferred immediately to the placenta, to the unborn fetus and to every conceivable portion of the fetus' body. It even increased in the lamb higher afterward from mercury in the mother's milk. There is no such thing as a safe mercury filling. All mercury fillings leak mercury. The combined effect of mercury, cadmium, and lead is just now being investigated, but it's not one in one. It's synergistic, and one in one may make one hundred or even a thousand. Why is that of concern? Over and over again, we’ve heard that children are exposed to lead from our environment. Mercury in lead is many times more toxic than just mercury alone.