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Dentist Greenville SC - Five Star Reviews
Five star review from Google
Palmer distinctive dentistry was the best experience I've ever had at a dentist. They treat you with respect and everyone is very courteous. Pricing is reasonable and the work I had done was quick and painless. Although the time the doctor spent explaining all the options was priceless.

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Greenville, SC dentists explain the benefits of zirconia dental implants vs titanium implants

Dental implants may be made of zirconia or titanium

The parts of the oral cavity are designed to work together as a unit, forming a beautiful, healthy smile. Losing even a single tooth disrupts the natural balance. Bacteria has new places to accumulate. The adjacent teeth may shift. Bone loss may occur. When tooth loss occurs, zirconia dental implants … Continue reading

Greenville patients ask, “What are the side effects of ozone as a periodontal disease treatment?”

Greenville Periodontal Disease Treatment

Located in Greenville, SC, Dr. Palmer, Dr. Knause, and the team at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry are dedicated to holistic, biological dentistry practices. Our goal is to maintain our patients’ health and wellness. Dental ozone therapy has become a popular, effective way to promote oral health. Our practice utilizes dental ozone … Continue reading

In Greenville, SC holistic dentistry philosophies are found in general dentistry care

Holistic General Dentistry Care in Greenville SC

Searching for a dentist can be daunting. You want someone with experience and a good reputation. You also want a trustworthy provider whose values align with your own. Dr. Palmer, Dr. Knause, and the team at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry offer holistic dentistry services to patients in the Greenville, SC area. … Continue reading

Cosmetic dental care in Greenville proves cosmetic dentistry is worth it

A beautiful smile , Palmer Distinctive Dentistry

A beautiful smile is one of the most defining features of an individual’s appearance. Any teeth imperfections can usually be corrected most effectively with cosmetic dentistry, which makes it a worthwhile procedure. Teeth Whitening The KöR system is a process that restores the sparkle to a smile. This in-house or … Continue reading

Patients near Greenville ask, “How long do zirconia implants last?”

zirconia implants discussed Dr Dr. Palmer

Regular dental implants are made of titanium and are implanted into the patient’s jawbone through a minimally-invasive process. However, since the metal has its own potential side effects, some dentists use a non-toxic zirconia material called Z-Look3 that is healthier and safer for use. Patients should choose an experienced dentist … Continue reading

Porcelain Zirconia teeth implants are available in Greenville, SC

If you are seeking a strong and natural looking dental restoration, porcelain Zirconia teeth implants in Greenville SC and implant-supported bridges may be excellent treatment options for you. Zirconia implant-supported bridges are fitted using artificial tooth roots, and as the material used is very long lasting and lifelike, it surpasses … Continue reading

Patients ask, “What are the benefits of ozone therapy in Greenville, SC?”

. In Greenville, SC, Dr. Palmer and Dr. Knause of Palmer Distinctive Dentistry understand the connection between the oral cavity and the rest of the body.

Throughout history, the mouth was thought of and treated separately from the rest of the body. In Greenville, SC, Dr. Palmer and Dr. Knause of Palmer Distinctive Dentistry understand the connection between the oral cavity and the rest of the body. What enters the mouth, good or bad, affects the … Continue reading

Greenville, SC residents ask, “What dental crowns are offered near me?”

Dr. Palmer John at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry offers best types of dental crowns

Your dentist performs several different types of procedures to maintain the health of your mouth. Teeth cleanings, exams, or cavity fillings may be routine functions, but more advanced procedures have become more common and are completed efficiently in the office. The goal is to protect and maintain your natural teeth. … Continue reading