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Five star review from Google
Palmer distinctive dentistry was the best experience I've ever had at a dentist. They treat you with respect and everyone is very courteous. Pricing is reasonable and the work I had done was quick and painless. Although the time the doctor spent explaining all the options was priceless.

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Recent Guest Reviews

"I was searching for a holistic dentist and am so grateful to have found Palmer Distinctive Dentistry in SC. I saw Dr Adams and she and the entire staff were ALL wonderful. I am grateful for their kindness, very positive and cheerful attitude, extraordinary skill, professional attitude and wonderful surroundings. As are many of us, I am slightly terrfied of dentist. As an elder, I have had my share of bad experiences/painful experiences in the dentist chair. Dr Adams and her staff were very patient and worked carefully with me to insure I was comfortable during each visit. They did some very deep work (repaired 2 broken teeth and removal of metal from 2 teeth) and yet the experience was very reasonable and I am not anxious when I go to their office. I used their holistic approach to relaxation (a disc on the wrist and headphones with quiet meditative music) and did quite will that. I highly, highly recommend them. They use the latest "everything" (including low exposure x rays) and are cheerful, VERY kind and gentle in their approach to caring for your teeth. I also want to add that I travel over an hour to reach them and they are well worth the trip!! On their website you will find a couple of videos of Dr. Palmer and his expertise in removing metal from teeth (highly skilled and careful with metal detox...I was so impressed!)."

~ Della S.

"My 6 year old had an amazing first visit there today for a 2nd opinion. I was extremely impressed with the time they took with us. They are definitely distinctive in the way they care for their patients. I didn't feel like my son was just another patient to get in and out and make money off of. The office personnel, hygienist and dentist all took the time to speak to my son and make him feel comfortable and special. They were even extremely kind to my other 3 children not even being seen. They were able to treat my son quickly, inexpensively and naturally sparing him the extensive and unnecessary dental work his previous dentist was pushing. I highly recommend them if you are looking for an alternative to traditional dentistry. I plan to switch my entire family over to Palmer's."

~ Jenn

"If I told you that having my mercury fillings removed was a great experience, you might guess that I don't get out much. While that's true, I do have a lifetime of visits to various dentists to compare.

I would have to summarize my experience with the team who served, I would say the personnel are personal, their work is professional and their care is personal.

Kudos to every person who contributed to an outstanding experience."

~ Craig M.

"I was a dental hygienist for 35 years in a different state, and know a thing or two about dentistry. It has been sad to see over the years that health care providers in general have turned into sales people trying to sell unnecessary treatments. It's hard to trust care givers when you move to a new area. This office in my opinion does NOT oversell. The hygienist was competent and thorough, had a delightful personality, and gentle hands."

~ Lani B.

"Thank you all for another year (my 70th) of your care for me and my mouth! When I first came to you in 2004, I had a long history of having bad experiences with my teeth, starting when I was young and had braces for "buck teeth". Previous dentists had not left many teeth in my mouth to work with, but you managed to save what was left, remove all the heavy metal, fix my smile, correct my jaw pain, remove pesky growths, and improve my over all health. May you all be Blessed!"

~ Nancy F.

"That smile❤️

Totally worth the hour drive to Palmer Distinctive Dentistry in Greenville!

Almost 5 years ago, we had a little one struggling with motor tics, vocal tics, sensory issues, and chronic “common” childhood health issues. Medicines did not help.

Our world turned upside, and this sweet face lead us to a healthier lifestyle, as we learned the body’s capacity to overcome is amazing when not burdened by toxic chemicals. One by one, we switched out household products for safer chemical free options and found health practitioners that valued holistic health.

We were still early in this journey, when a mouth full of cavities lead us to Palmer Distinctive Dentistry. Our child had common gene mutations (common mutations and something we all deserve to be informed about), and we knew nitrous oxide (laughing gas) would be risky as would toxic fillings that may leach into a system not up to detoxing.

The staff and environment at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry was amazing for every cleaning, every filling, and every extraction. No nitrous oxide was EVER used and fillings were made with toxic free options that we had confidence in.

Our child received the care she needed, her health and well being has continued to improve, and she was never traumatized after many dental visits thanks to their gentle care including special touches...diffusing essential oils, noise blocking head phones, cool sunglasses to block bright lights, and a video system with every movie a child could desire to distract during dental procedures, not to mention staff that made it their business to help a young child be at ease while still performing dental procedures.

Thank you to the amazing staff at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry. Check them out if you are in search of top notch dental care❤️

Today was a positive check up, no cavities, and that’s one proud girl❤️"

~ Debbie W.

"I am so pleased with all my experiences at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry. The office is lovely and more like a home, which is comforting and makes my visits pleasant. I have never waited more than 5 minutes to be taken back for my appointments. I had cavitation surgery, as well as a crown procedure and both went well. In both cases Dr. Palmer and Nora were both fantastic and comforting. The entire staff is pleasant. I would highly recommend using this practice for all your dental needs."

~ Lori D.

"A very home feel to office. Made me feel comfortable. No long wait times. Gave me plan of care same day. Very professional office while at same time made me feel welcomed."

~ Wilson J.

"Just to say how pleasant my appointment was and how very impressed I was with Karyn -- her professionalism and manner!"

~ Estell O.

"I must say my mouth feeling fantastic the best its felt in over ten years, I believe Dr. Palmer is a genius when come to teeth care.When you tell him the problem he's listening to best apply his skills for dental care, I think Yehovah (God) for Dr. Palmer and his gracious staff.Thank-you"

~ Marvina B.

"I love Dr. Palmer, Karyn and the entire team. I have had my silver fillings replaced and am truly thrilled with the results. The team is always knowledgeable, compassionate and current on the latest dental techniques, trends and treatments. Seriously - visit the team at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry and you will be thrilled with your treatments!"

~ Cindy T.

"The atmosphere is very relaxing, healthy and friendly here. I am relieved to find a holistic dental practice right here in Greenville! No pressure, no rushing, comparable costs, procedures explained well and the staff understands my non-toxic, holistic health needs -- thank you!!"

~ Layla M.

"I had a back bottom tooth that cracked while I was traveling. I had another dentist check it out and it needed a crown which would require me to be around the area for at least 10 days and require at least 2 visits, I decided to wait and have the tooth fixed by Dr. Palmer when I returned home, and he put a crown on it in one visit that took less than an hour and a half. It turned out great and it seems as good as my original tooth was. I love my new tooth and I would highly recommend Palmer dentistry."

~ Linda K.

"Courteous staff! Really took the time to ensure we were looked after. Very respectful of my lifestyle choices as well as supportive. Loved the holistic approaches offered. I drove 2 hrs from NC and it was well worth the drive and time."

~ Krista R.

"An ongoing illness with extreme fatigue for a year or more with no answers in sight from test after test led my Dr. to recommend I make an appointment with Palmer Distinctive Denistry. Now I was not a fan of any Dentist as they horrified me! But...I made the appointment as my health was getting worse. I was amazed at how welcome the staff made me feel & as I'm led to that dreaded Dental chair listening to them explain NuCalm, a natural relaxation technique, & listening to them explain how they would take care of me, I would be fine, etc...I'm looking at them out the corners of my eyes thinking, yea, they all say that! You see, I'm a 47 year old horrified cry baby when it comes to my teeth! So since I really have no choice but to let them try to help me, I chose to use the NuCalm as its natural & there's no drugs or narcotics involved although I was thinking to myself, please just knock me out! To my amazement when my pr ocedures were done, I literally burst into tears of relief!! These people had begin to heal me without hurting me!! I cannot stress enough how amazed & relieved I was at the care & comfort I had received! I even told Dr. Palmer that I thank God for sending him to do this work! It still brings me to tears just thinking about it. If you are reading this & you are like myself, horrified of Dentists, I urge you to give yourself the gift of making an appointment with these people. I am looking forward to my next appointment!"

~ Virginia N.

If I could give 10 stars, I would!

"Growing up I was never really scared to go to the dentist, but as an adult, some chronic health issues started wreaking havoc on my mouth, affecting almost every tooth. This is the situation that brought me to Dr. Palmer's office and I found myself extremely nervous heading into the appointment! As it turns out, I didn't need to be nervous at all! Dr. Palmer and staff were wonderful! My dental work has taken multiple appointments and they have been courteous, professional, caring, and guest each time I've been there (even going as far as to try to fix my broken wheelchair once and letting me sit in their office almost an hour after my appointment was over because I my chronic issues were flaring and I wasn't feeling well). The pain has been non-existent to minimal on every occasion, the office is beautiful, and my teeth look great! My insurance isn't covering the work I'm having done, but, with all of the problems my body has, I honestly wouldn't trust anyone but Dr. Palmer and staff with my dental healthcare. Worth every penny!"

~ Jennifer P.


~ Ramona G.

"This Dentistry has been a great blessing to me. I first saw Dr. Palmar for a Root Canal. I was feeling really bad and didn't know why. I did some research and found out that a root canal can cause a lot of health problems. So, I read and read and read to get understanding. Then I ask the Most High God to point me in the right direction to get this tooth removed and He lead me to Dr. Palmer, long story short. In two months my symptoms was gone, gone and gone. I feel like a new woman. I was having heart palpitations, fatigue, brain fog, depression. Now all that is gone. Thank you Dr. Palmer you are heaven sent to earth. His staff is very professional, kind, great personalities and very knowledgeable."

~ Sonya B.

"There are many reasons we love Dr Palmer! Joe is not only a neighbor and friend, but he has been our dentist for many years. Joe has helped Ralph through a difficult patch with implant issues to ensure Ralph now has a healthy mouth. He has come to my aid "after hours" almost immediately after I called to replace a crown, as well as recently quickly getting me in to repair a broken tooth! Joe has made it clear we are to feel free to call whenever in need, and has always "followed up" with us with a personal phone call. While we would never take undue advantage of his time, we are thankful that Joe is there for us whenever needed and appreciate all he's done for us. Dr Palmer, and staff, have also helped many in the community by hosting fundraising events and their willingness to serve many underprivileged as well as military veterans with needed dental care. Joe and Marcy also host a wonderful Christian athlete event in their home during the BMW tournament. He not only shows his willingness to serve others but to witness his faith as a Christian in our community.

These are just a few examples why we love and appreciate Dr Joe Palmer and are proud to call him a neighbor and friend!"

~ Jan and Ralph C.

"Great experience! From the friendly and professional staff to the dentist, everything was perfect. My past dental experiences have kept me from the dentist for 40 years. This experience has refreshed my views on dental care. It is a great feeling to finally have the amalgams out of my mouth. Thank you all for your wonderful service."

~ Scott A., Powdersville, SC.

"Many of us have reflected on the many blessings we have received through out the years. How grateful I am that I can cite my experience with Dr. Joe Palmer and his staff at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry as among my blessings. From my first visit at the office, I was made to feel comfortable both by the friendly competence of the staff and the pleasant environment of the office itself which is beautiful. My favorite were the earphones with the spa relaxing music they placed on me. Dr. Palmer inspires the utmost confidence by his smile, knowledge, skill and professionalism. Its 2016, not many doctors call to check on their guests; Dr. Palmer even called to check on me twice after having my extraction and implant. Kudos and the highest recommendation to Dr. Joe Palmer and everyone at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry."

~ Rhonda S.

"My husband and I have gone to Palmer Distinctive Dentistry for about 3 years. Dr. Palmer and his staff are like family. The atmosphere is very comfortable. Their holistic techniques are superior and more effective than conventional dentistry. They know how to save teeth when most would just do a root canal. When I had all my mercury removed, the price ended up being $200 less than the quoted price, so they are very price conscious. My husband will soon get his remaining mercury fillings removed. It will be great to get that poison out of his body. We are guests for life."

~ Doug and Carol P.

"I have been coming to see Dr. Palmer and his team for about a year and a half now and find him extremely knowledgeable, professional and they always provide excellent treatment and care."

~ Ivan L.

"Dr. Palmer is a terrific dentist. Great staff, attention to detail, excellent service. It would be hard to find a better dentist."

~ Brian

"With a vocation in sales, a smile is very important. My smile was adequate but had some inconsistent shades due to patch work composites placed on the upper centrals by another dentist. Dr. Palmer looked at the whole picture and noticed not only the shading difference, but also the shift in the midline caused by a missing lateral tooth. He placed veneers on seven anterior teeth and not only corrected the shading of the teeth, but solved the midline problem too.

The man is an artist! I receive no less than ten compliments on my smile daily. My only regret is not using Dr. Palmer as my dentist fifteen years earlier!"

~ Tom M., Greenville, SC

"I would like to thank Dr. Palmer and his staff for making my dental experience so great. I recently had all my teeth restored in two visits. Before this procedure I had short, worn down teeth that didn't show when I smiled.

Now I can smile with such confidence! My friends ask me what I have changed about myself, and I tell them my smile! I used conscious sedation for my dental visits, and fell asleep during my treatment. My visits were WONDERFUL!

If you are wondering if changing your smile will really change your life, it did mine!"

~ Sandy H., Greenville, SC

"I work in the health care field with guests, so my smile is very important! It puts guests at ease; after all it is the universal greeting. I have been a guest at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry for a little of a year, and what we have accomplished in that time is amazing!

I had a crown on one of my front teeth done about 5 years ago. It stuck out, did not quite match my other teeth, and had a gray line along the gum line showing the metal from that of an old metal crown with porcelain overlay. In two short hours and no discomfort I had my crown replaced, and it looks fabulous! It is so natural looking and it no longer sits out farther than the rest of my teeth.

My original crown work took 4 visits and a month to achieve and its appearance was suboptimal. Now I have a wonderful healthy smile that will last a lifetime, which was my goal when I became a guest at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry. Thank you for helping me achieve my goal. You truly provide DISTINCTIVE care."

~ Sincerely With a BIG SMILE,
Tracy T., Piedmont, SC

"I want to say thanks for your attentive care during my first visit. I was awfully tired and stressed from work, trying to get my dental needs met in a timely fashion around an impossible schedule. Seeing your ad in the paper was certainly a stroke of luck for me. I am so glad I called. Thank you for consulting me and taking care of an annoying problem that very same day!

It is so comforting to be in an office so warmly and thoughtfully appointed. As a clinician, I am most appreciative of the environment, and you have truly created a lovely space for people like me who are not fond of dental and medical waiting rooms! I also appreciate the patience with my claustrophobia and indecisiveness while in the chair. I am so used to advising and supporting others in their decisions and I simply could not think about what I needed to do. You were very kind about it. Thank you.

I have contacted several friends to tell them about the experience and advised my husband to make a change. Your services are quite progressive, and it is so nice to have that choice available in Greenville."

~ Yours truly,
Dr. Jan V., Greenville, SC

"Whenever I have my teeth cleaned by Crystal, I always feel like I'm in good hands. She's gentle, yet effective, professional and personable. I used to have anxiety about going to the dentist, but the staff always puts me at ease. I love that when I walk in the door, Celia knows me by name and greets me with a friendly smile! Dr. Palmer has a great staff working for him!"

~ Annem, TAYLORS

Video Testimonials

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Palmer Distinctive Dentistry

Palmer Distinctive Dentistry best dental office near Greenville, SC
John J. Palmer, DMD
Dr. Debra G. Adams, DMD Image
Debra G. Adams, DMD
Dr. Ashley Hurley, DMD Image
Ashley Hurley, DMD

At Palmer Distinctive Dentistry, we believe that oral health and overall wellness are linked. This is our focus when attending to our guests’ dental needs. Giving beautiful, healthy smiles to the residents of Greenville, SC is our goal.

Heading our team is Founder Dr. John J. Palmer, a Medical University of South Carolina School of Dentistry graduate. A dedicated holistic dentist and pioneer in advanced dentistry, he incorporates the latest technologies and IAOMT-certified methods and stays abreast of modern developments in biological dentistry.

Dr. Debra G. Adams received her Bachelor of Science from Huntingdon College in Montgomery, AL, and worked as a dental assistant, before graduating from dental school at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Dr Adams is SMART certified through the IAOMT and is dedicated to giving our guests the best treatment possible.

Dr. Ashley Hurley has been in private practice since 2020 and is thrilled to join our Palmer Distinctive Dentistry holistic dental office as a Dental Associate! Dr. Hurley earned her undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University (2012-2015), a certificate from the LECOM post-baccalaureate program, and her Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Roseman University College of Dental Medicine in 2020. Dr. Hurley has worked on multiple scientific projects. She has also volunteered in various ways for communal service over the years. She is excited to positively affect the Upstate community by serving you while assuring your trust is always in good hands.