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Dr. John J. Palmer - Palmer Distinctive Dentistry
Rating: 5 Dentist Greenville SC - Review Stars

Today was my big day in the dentist's chair. All of you made me feel good about being there; and I could tell that you really knew what you were doing! Thank you all for the easiest day at the dentist that I have ever had. ? (oh, and for giving me back my smile!)

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Welcome to Palmer Distinctive Dentistry

Mercury is one of the most toxic elements on earth.
In addition, about 10% of population is allergic to mercury.
Should it be in your teeth?

Patient Reviews

Palmer Distinctive Dentistry
Rating : 5 Dentist Greenville SC - Five Star Reviews

Thank you everyone at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry for another pleasant visit. Although it was an extraction (which is rarely pleasant), everything went well and painless. It is now three days after the procedure and I experienced absolutely no pain.

A Beautiful Smile in an Atmosphere of Comfort

Our prosperity and very existence is by the grace of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We have a vision of providing exceptional, personalized care for every single patient. Each time we are successful, the praise and gratitude belong to Christ. Should we happen to stumble, then we shall renew our efforts, always placing our faith and trust in His guidance. We are genuinely grateful for the confidence and trust that our patients have in us!

Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Palmer has practiced mercury free and safe removal of mercury fillings since 1995, and we strive to dedicate optimal health to...

Revolutionary One-Visit Crowns

This groundbreaking technology does not call for impressions or temporaries. Dr. John Palmer can design a One-Visit Crown in about an hour...
Dr. Palmer Receives IAOMT Fellowship
Dental Mercury
New Technology

Welcome to Palmer Distinctive Dentistry – Where we create beautiful, healthy smiles with comprehensive, compassionate care.

The team at Palmer Distinctive Dentistry is proud to offer residents of Greenville, SC and surrounding areas outstanding holistic dental care in a relaxing environment. Your oral health and smile goals are important to us. While we attend to your dental needs, we do so in a specific way that will promote general health and wellbeing. To us, it is important to treat the whole person, not just a set of teeth.

One of the cornerstones of our biological dentistry practice is biocompatibility. It is understood that infection and decay can impact the health of the smile – and the whole body. Your biological dental team sees past this and also recognizes the potential for detrimental effects of dental materials, as well. Our patients are treated as individuals. We use dental materials that are suitable to each person and avoid those that may cause harm.

The biological dental practice is one in which no amalgam mercury fillings are placed. The mercury in dental amalgam is toxic to all people of all ages. There are no safe levels of mercury exposure, and this exposure is ongoing throughout the life of an amalgam filling. For our patients who have existing fillings they would like to have removed, our team uses the very specific protocol of The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology for the safest transition to metal-free restorations. Dr. Palmer holds fellowship with this prestigious organization and also teaches its members the safe filling removal protocol.

Palmer Distinctive Dentistry offers metal-free options including composite resin, zirconia, ceramic, porcelain, and even CEREC same day restorations. Orthodontic treatment can be completed with metal-free Invisalign. Even dental implant treatment is completed using non-metal zirconia, achieving healthy, long lasting function and beauty.

We are here to help our patients address their concerns, whether that is to end mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings, eliminate pain from a dental problem, or to enhance the natural beauty of the smile. With our friendly, professional team, we hope you will feel as though you are treated like family.

Count on Palmer Distinctive Dentistry for your preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental needs. Call our office at (864) 332-4113 to schedule your visit.
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