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Dentist Greenville SC - Five Star Reviews
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Palmer distinctive dentistry was the best experience I've ever had at a dentist. They treat you with respect and everyone is very courteous. Pricing is reasonable and the work I had done was quick and painless. Although the time the doctor spent explaining all the options was priceless.

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Porcelain Zirconia teeth implants are available in Greenville, SC

If you are seeking a strong and natural looking dental restoration, porcelain Zirconia teeth implants in Greenville SC and implant-supported bridges may be excellent treatment options for you. Zirconia implant-supported bridges are fitted using artificial tooth roots, and as the material used is very long lasting and lifelike, it surpasses conventional implants. The dentist will describe the advantages of zirconia implant-supported bridges in detail during a personal consultation.

What makes Zirconia different?

A dental bridge houses a false tooth and crowns. This acts as a substitute for the missing tooth. The false tooth is fused between the crowns, which are fitted over the teeth adjacent to the gap, thus effectively “bridging” the gap between your teeth.


What makes a Zirconia implant different is that it is made from Zirconium oxide – a strong dental ceramic that is suitable for the human body. The material will not produce any adverse effects when used as support for a dental bridge.


This avoids the problem that conventional implants may have (as they are made of metal and may show a grey area at the gumline). A Zirconia implant has a translucent color and does not look out of place in your mouth.

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Advantages of Zirconia Implant-Supported Bridges

Advantages of Zirconia Implant-Supported BridgesMost people who have adopted Zirconia implant-supported bridges consider it to be the best tooth restoration because of the following advantages it offers:

Long lasting

Zirconia bridges are manufactured in such a way that they never fade in color, or get flaky or get damaged due to wear and tear. This bridge is also one of the few to naturally resist plaque and tartar formation on them and hardly require any maintenance. With adequate care, your Zirconia bridge can last lifelong, making it the most robust and permanent restoration available.


Partial dentures are stabilized with the help of clamps, so they are not stable enough and result in slips now and then. Also, patients with these appliances often have to be cautious not to eat certain items like apples or corn on the cob.


On the other hand, Zirconia implant-supported bridges are supported by small posts that have seamlessly integrated with the jawbone. This results in a very stable prosthesis. People can thus cherish all their beloved foods, assured that their bridge will remain strong and firm in position.


The Zirconia used for your bridge will have the perfect shade to blend with your radiant smile. On top of having high durability, dental-grade Zirconia has a translucent hue that makes it look extremely natural with an organic shine. Choose an experienced dentist for your Zirconia bridge in Greenville, SC.

Superior Oral Health

Zirconia implant-supported bridges provide unique dental health perks – like all implant-supported restorations. Loss of teeth leads to lack of proper stimulation in the neighboring area of the jawbone. Consequently, this may result in a receding jawbone. Since dental implants directly fuse with the jawbone, they send regenerative signals to help in stopping the bone recession.

Obtaining a Zirconia Implant-supported Bridge

Obtaining a Zirconia Implant-supported BridgeThe treatment for receiving Zirconia implant-supported bridge is a multi-stage process. The first stage involves the placement of the dental implants. After the surgical implant, they are left undisturbed to heal and integrate seamlessly with the jawbone. Following this, when you return for the final stage, the dentist checks the implant to ensure it fits snugly. Only then he continues to fix the Zirconia implant-supported bridge sturdily in position.

Obtaining a Zirconia bridge without an implant

If the dentist sees you fit for a Zirconia bridge, he will first prepare your teeth for this bridge. The preparation step involves ‘tooth reduction’- a process in which the dentist files the tooth with a dental drill so that the crowns can firmly sit over the top.


The Zirconia bridge fabrication will take place in a dental laboratory, which may take up to two weeks. While it is being manufactured, you will receive a temporary bridge to wear instead. As soon as your new bridge is ready, your dentist will place the newly made bridge and attach it firmly in position.


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